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"What We Did On Our Holidays" is a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice in which Elizabeth is the mother of fourteen year old son Sam, and Darcy the father of fourteen year old daughter Alice. They meet during their summer holidays. Question is... is the acquaintance a pleasant one...?


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What We Did on Our Holidays
[WIP Modern/NC17]

... Elizabeth pushed open the doors and walked onto the terrace. She leaned against the rail, gazed towards the pool and relaxed in the sun. She closed her eyes and raised her face to the clear blue sky, sighing the tensions of international travel out of her system. It had been so long since she had been on this type of holiday that she had been concerned about whether or not it was the right decision, but on the evidence so far, it certainly was. ...

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Snapshots - A Holidays Sequel
[WIP - Modern/NC17]

in which we find out what happened in the first year of marriage...

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Going Digital
[work in progress - Modern]